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Our Dedicated Committee

The Group aims to:

  1. advance the knowledge of environmental development and allied professionals and the wider community.

  2. provide state of the art information on the management of the built and natural environment.

  3. promote cooperation and fellowship amongst its members.

  4. represent its members in matters affecting, relating or pertaining to the professions, and for this purpose to issue or make statements, comments or submissions to the public, government or any institution or authority.

  5. liaise with other organisations in matters  relating to the group or its members or the public interest.

  6. provide a resource for career development for its members.

  7. provide a network of professional contacts and exchange of information among colleagues in government and the private sector.


Brendan Hayes                       

Parkes Shire Council          

PH: 0427 877 560                            Email:

Vice President/Public Officer

Steven Campbell                  

Forbes Shire Council             

PH: 0418 638 447



Neil Diamond 

Procert Group Pty Ltd


Mark Robertson

Dubbo City Council


Erika Mackenzie                          

Hilltops Council                                         Email:


Isabel Holmes

Wedin Shire Council


Alan Lindsay                           ARLConsulting                       

PH: 0419 619 761                             Email:

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